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From derelict land to vibrant community space


The Grow Speke site was once home to the Merseyside Youth Association Boys’ Club, which saw generations of young people taking part in sport and activity including football and boxing. Once the boys' club closed the site fell into disrepair and lay neglected for decades. But in 2017, work began to clear the site and bring it back into use to serve a new generation of South Liverpool residents.  


Grow Speke is delivered thanks to partnership between South Liverpool Homes, environmental charity Groundwork, Merseyside Police and Blackburne House. Groundwork manage a team of local volunteers and look after the day to day running of the garden. Merseyside Police provide funding through the Proceeds of Crime Fund, while Blackburne House provide further funding and deliver a bee-keeping project on the site.


Grow Speke is accessed by local people of all ages. Local schools and youth groups use Grow Speke to deliver fun, healthy, outdoor activities, where young people can develop their gardening knowledge and skills. If your school or local group would like to get involved, contact Grow Speke via their Facebook or Twitter.   


What's at Grow Speke?

Facilities at the site are developing all the time and include:

  • Vegetable gardens
  • Fruit tree orchard
  • Polytunnel for growing fruit and vegetables all year round
  • BBQ and fire pit
  • Welfare unit with toilets
  • Classroom and kitchen facilities 
  • Apiary (beekeeping area)

Fresh, local produce for local people

Grow Speke produces fresh, local vegetables which are donated to The Market Place, South Liverpool Homes' community shop.

The Market Place aims to give members a £15 basket of food for just £2.50 with produce from Grow Speke supplementing food from FareShare and other sources. 

Find out more about The Market Place 

How to get involved

Follow and like Grow Speke on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news on volunteering opportunities and events. 

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