Bonfire night event a roaring success at Grow Speke

Published: 7 November 2019

Over 100 local people attended a family bonfire event at a community garden in South Liverpool on Tuesday 5 November.

The event attracted families from across South Liverpool to the grounds of Grow Speke, a project delivered by environmental charity Groundwork Cheshire, Lancashire and Merseyside, in partnership with South Liverpool Homes (SLH).

Young people enjoyed a packed evening of bonfire night fun including Guy making, apple bobbing, marshmallow toasting, toffee-apple making and bonfire crafts.

Hot drinks and hotdogs from the Grow Speke barbeque made sure that everyone was kept warm until the traditional bonfire provided a spectacular finale to the free event.

“We’d like to thank everyone who came along on Tuesday and made the event such a success,” said Joe Cummings, SLH Enterprise Manager.

“Since opening in 2017, Grow Speke has gone from strength to strength and the bonfire night celebration has become a highlight of the garden’s event calendar.

“The event was a great way to get our tenants and their families involved with SLH in a fun and friendly way.

“Grow Speke relies heavily on volunteers to develop and maintain the garden and we hope that events like this encourage local people to get involved and make a difference in their community.”

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